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Yes, I want to make a gift to the Indianapolis Art Center!               

Your connection with the Art Center makes us a stronger organization better equipped to serve our students, faculty, visitors, and friends. Please consider a tax-deductible gift in any amount and help the Indianapolis Art Center continue to create art experiences in the classroom and in the community.

Your gift to the Indianapolis Art Center ensures that the Art Center can continue to provide art education, outreach, and exhibitions to the community.  Your donation is tax-deductible. 

Your gift makes a creative impact by enabling us to:

  • Offer 750 studio art classes, serving 4,500 students of all ages and abilities.
  • Present 40 contemporary art exhibitions annually.
  • Provide four award-winning outreach programs bringing art to youth in our city.
  • Ensure that our studios are well-equipped, safe, and inspiring creative spaces.
  • Create more opportunities for our 300,000 annual visitors to engage in art.
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If you'd like to receive benefits from your gift, please give through our membership portal.

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Your Gift Makes an Impact!

Jason Chang was able to begin taking painting classes at the Indianapolis Art Center, with your financial assistance, through the scholarship program.

When Jason began painting classes a few years ago, he was unlikely to socialize as he was around new people, in a new environment, and his autism made it extra difficult. Jason decided to take the plunge and embraced his art classes with a passion. He is now very comfortable in the Art Center environment and his artistic, as well as social, skills have skyrocketed!

“Jason has been taking painting classes for a few years at the Indianapolis Art Center and we cannot say enough about how if affected his social and emotional skills, not to mention his painting skills. He truly loves his classes and opens up to his classmates, which is also big progress.” –Chinok Chang, Jason’s Mother

It’s so important to donate now. The Art Center wants you to be a benefactor forJason and help him continue pursuing his passion for painting. Jason, along with many other artists and programs, relies on your generosity.


*The data you supply will not be sold or supplied to other organizations, except as required by law. The data may be used to inform you of Art Center classes, exhibitions, events and opportunities to support the Art Center.

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